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software developer, hardware and software administrator, web developer and designer

About Me

My name is Marc Schäfers.
I'm from Germany (NRW).
I'm a software developer and hardware/software administrator.


basic school
(1994 - 1998)

middle school
(Realschule, 1998 - 2004)

career training
(Berufsschule, Informationstechnischer Assistent, 2004 - 2007)

academic training
(bachelor of science [fh-dortmund], 2007 - 2011)

academic training
(master of science [fh-dortmund], 2011 - 2016)


server and software administartor in a school (2007 - 2015)

sine dec. 2011 independent commercial

- since 2011 android programming google play store

- since 2014 creating of individual software

- since 2015 software and hardware administrator for a company

special interests

(seminar paper [study]: Mobiles E-Learning - Betrachtung von Usability, bestehenden E-Learning Plattformen und mobilen Anwendungen im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung eines mobilen E-Learning Clients)

android development
(seminar paper [study]: Effiziente Benutzertests von Android GUI-Prototypen; see above)
developed apps and libraries, later more

databases (mysql, mssql, etc.)

data mining
(master thesis: Auswertung von textuellen Benutzerkommentaren durch semantisches Data-Mining)


A brief overview of my skills.

language experience

Java (JavaEE, JSP, Android); C#; C++; PHP; JavaScript; Python

software development

Developing new software from start to finish with modern techniques, databases, tools (IDE) and diagrams (UML).

modern techniques

Use of modern techniques, like responsive web design or software communication between to software projects over REST or SOAP services.

hardware administration

Repair of desktop PC's, notebooks, consoles. Administrate a network (firewall, fiberglass etc.) with windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) and mac clients.

server administration

Administration from windows and linux server and their software like Opsi, IPables, DNS, DHCP, NGINX, Squid 3, Postfix a. Dovecot (E-Mail) etc. .

Master Thesis

  • Topic: Auswertungvontextuellen Benutzerkommentarendurch semantisches Data-Mining

User comments can help a developer to improve his app. However, the analysis is very time consuming. With an increasing number of comments, the analysis time increases as well. This work deals with how user comments can be efficiently and effectively evaluated. For different techniques and existing software solutions are investigated. The obtained information from the investigations is used to develop a software for the evaluation of app comments.

Android GUI

  • Topic [seminar paper]: Effiziente Benutzertests von Android GUI-Prototypen

Usability testing is time-consuming, but it can show problems with the usability of an application at an early stage. This research project describes the integration of mobile application usability testing into software development processes by the means of prototyping. A comparison between existing solutions to capture user interactive with a mobile device is carried out. We present AndroidAdjutant which is an Android framework to automate usability testing partly, thus raising its efficiency. The concept is validated by a showcase usability test in the field of m-learning.

My Android Apps

Android Library

  • Advanced Material Drawer

A Gmail-like Material Drawer implementation. Based on neokree's MaterialDrawer library, but they are not the same. I have made many improvments, changes and added a lot of new features. Big thanks to neokree, without him this library would not exist.


  • Topic [seminar paper]: Mobiles E-Learning - Betrachtung von Usability, bestehenden E-Learning Plattformen und mobilen Anwendungen im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung eines mobilen E-Learning Clients

Mobile learning is considered to be the future of e-learning as the number of mobile devices continues to rise. This paper lays the foundation of the development of a mobile e-learning application focused on usability. It presents the features of moodle and ILIAS, two existing e-learning platforms. The mobile use context is analyzed to derive usability criteria for an effective and efficient use. A comparison between web applications and native mobile applications is carried out based on their usability implications.

  • Developed a individual e-learning platform with php, mysql and javascript.
  • Developed a bridge (over SOAP) between ilias and school data.
  • Reported bugs with solutions for ilias.